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What can I say? I love to organize. Especially with a planner. I have some really exciting idea’s in mind that I will be happy to share in the coming weeks in another blog post!

So at the end of 2015 I was determined to get my hectic life organized. I mulled around with several planner idea’s and didn’t really find anything I liked until I found ARC ( discbound ). It’s AMAZING! However I found that the purchasable inserts where, well, boring. Like dry toast boring. I need color in my life! So I decided to spruce it up with washi tape and make my own dividers etc. I love the Arc because I can remove / add pages as needed. This is a KEEPER reason for me!

However…. I was sucked into the time sink known as pinterest. It’s an addiction! If you look for planners you find that Erin Condren planners are pretty much the more popular ones. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $50+ dollars for a planner that I couldn’t move / re-arrange as I pleased. They have clip tabs that you can add to pages to ‘add’ them into your planner but the task of sticking them on each page or multiple pages seems a bit daunting to say the least. Regardless… I had been eyeing the EC planners because I love all the AWESOME accessories it comes with!

I broke down you guys. I poped onto Erin Condren’s website and saw they had a mind blowing 50% off on their life planners. SWEET. I knew it was time to break down and purchase one and see how I like it. So I did! Here is the results thus far. I will be updating this as I go along!



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