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organizeheaderIn a previous blog I recently wrote an entry about my planners. As an artist ( or a human being heh ) it behooves you to be ORGANIZED! I’m the type of person who loves pen and paper, stickers, washi tape, and all the awesome glitz of what comes with planners now a days. There’s are SO many and I’ve tried several but I’ve narrowed it down to 2.

Arc ( discbound ) and I just recently got my hands on an Erin Condren planner for half price! I’m working out what suits me best! I love the discbound because I can easily add/remove pages! EC is just so pretty too! I was even able to get my artwork on the cover of my planner! :D

I’m JUST starting with mine and going to write an end-year review once I’ve used it throughout the year! That way maybe it’s helpful to someone else who wants to get super organized! This will be an on going blog series! But anyway..

I couldn’t bring myself to pay $50 for a EC planner but you guys… they are having


We both win!

You can get a LIFE Planner for 50% OFF! Plus if you use my coupon code you get an additional $10 off! That’s CRAZY!


Discount Code


So if you guys are itching to try out an EC planner for yourself, you should totally try one!

This is the best deal I’ve seen and I know a lot of you are saving money or are short on money. I’m just sharing the love.


This isn’t a scam..

Please note this is not a scam. This is just me spreading the word about an awesome deal for you guys if you’re looking to organize yourself! I don’t work for Erin Condren and they did not pay me to make this lol. Just a small disclaimer in case anyone was worried.

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